Why we chose to expand and not to die near the water

In a world in perfect change and with unforeseen changes, due to external factors, such as the pandemic or the war in Europe, medium-sized companies are often subject to market fluctuation, due to factors that are not controllable. When our market share is small, negotiation power does not exist and all that remains is to accept the conditions that the market wants to impose.

In order to counteract the market and achieve business positions of some size, we must have a strong position, in terms of our growth and diversification of business areas, in order to build a portfolio of services that can cover the maximum number of consumers.

Our expansion into markets outside ours (Portugal) is due to having built a set of technological solutions capable of convincing any consumer. Our solutions are fast, innovative and in continuous development.

In growth, it is no longer we who lead the company, but the company who leads us. It’s the reverse. If we stop, the international situation ends up dilapidating what has been built.

The sustained market has almost disappeared. Nobody can say, these days, that there is a regulated, sustained and predictable market. We don’t know tomorrow and if the war escalates to other levels, the future will be uncertain.

A strong presence in several markets facilitates the business position, increases brand awareness and attracts business and investors, as it makes it desirable to enter a growing business with some stability.

Grow not to die!

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